5 Tips For Analysing Your Espresso

Paul Bassett's guide to identifying high quality espresso.
WORDS : Paul Bassett

Before I begin, I want to highlight that the sensory experience of espresso is the result of the integrity and character of the green coffee, the application of roasting technique and the espresso extraction.

Here are the five key elements I take into consideration when analysing the quality of espresso.

  1. FIRST IMPRESSION: Your immediate reaction, before thought or analysis. The key factor to consider here is the espresso’s approachability.
  2. CONCENTRATION OF FLAVOUR: An optimal espresso will exhibit the intrinsic characteristics of the coffee with depth and vibrancy.
  3. SWEETNESS: The presence of sweetness is a key component of espresso. This may be perceived up front in some and appear later in others.
  4. BALANCE: The taste and texture should compliment one another, resulting in a harmonious sensory experience.
  5. CLARITY: The aftertaste of espresso should leave you with a pristine impression of the coffee’s character. 

The presence of these elements indicates high quality espresso. Next time, we’ll look further into the relationship between green coffee, roasting and extraction and the impact they have on your espresso experience.

 Paul Bassett