Guatemala Don Antonio

This week we're roasting a Single Provenance coffee from the luscious, hilly terrain of Don Antonio Estate, Guatemala.

Country:  Guatemala

Region:  Huehuetenango

Subregion: San Pedro Necta

Altitude:  1700-2000mtrs

Process:  Washed

Variety:  Caturra

Harvest: December-April

Tasting notes:  Cherry, Praline and Apricot


Don Antonio Estate is named after its current owner, Mr. Antonio Sanchez. The Sanchez family started their coffee business in 1966 with the purchase of their first plot of land in the district of San Pedro Carcha, Huehuetenango.

The famous Huehuetenango Highlands cross the Cardillera de Los Cuchamatanes, reaching considerably lofty altitudes of more than 3600 metres.

This is one of the highest coffee regions in the world, with rugged and steep slopes making planting, maintenance and harvesting an enduring challenge.

The area is also one of the drier coffee landscapes in Central America. Seasonal hot winds that blow through the mountains from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico prevent harmful frosts.

The average temperature is around 23 C. The region’s altitude, combined with the subtropical and humid climate, creates beautifully uniform cherries that mature very slowly. In Huehuetenango the flowering is homogeneous and harvesting usually takes place from January to April.

The area’s extreme remoteness requires that nearly every producer, large or small, individual or farm, process its own coffee.

Fortunately the region has a huge number of rivers and streams so a washing mill can be created almost anywhere.

This is a fully washed lot, meaning that when ripe cherries are picked, immature green cherries are either hand sorted or mechanically removed and over-ripe cherries are separated in floatation tanks. Only prime red cherries are sent to the pulpers. Pulped parchment is fermented for 24-72 hours in either a dry or wet fermentation process and the clean, washed parchment is then sent for drying.




Photos: MTC Group


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